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160kW Floor Stand DC Charger

The fast charging technology is used to support all types of batteries. The charging current is large, the charging time is high, the segmented constant power design, and the wide range of output voltage and current settings can greatly improve the charging speed. The power unit uses high-frequency switching power modules to operate in parallel, and each module is independently controlled. It is highly reliable, easy to maintain, and the metal shell is solid, pressure resistant, and impact resistant. It supports card scanning, VIN code identification, plug and charge, timed charging applet remote operation and other functions. It is the best choice for station construction and operation, indoor and outdoor parking lots, shopping malls, tourist attractions, etc. The waterproof grade is IP54, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor design. The LOGO can be customized, and it is applicable to all models that meet the new and old national standards of electric vehicles.

Product Advantage
of Operational Exchange Stake

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  • Professional heat dissipation design

    Professional heat dissipation design

    Direct ventilation scheme with speaker mouth ensures module ventilation, controls internal temperature, and improves module efficiency and stability
  • Double protection

    Double protection

    Dual chamber design for module and control, labyrinth design for inlet and outlet air flow, double waterproof and dustproof design
  • Stable and reliable

    Stable and reliable

    Use industry top components + high efficiency charging module to ensure the stability and reliability of the product.
  • Strong compatibility

    Strong compatibility

    Good compatibility and adaptability, compatible with new and old national standards; BMS auxiliary power supply, 12V/24V optional
  • Active protection

    Active protection

    BMS deeply interacts with each other, charging stake actively participates in the monitoring of charging process to ensure the safety change of traditional "blind charging" status of electric stake
  • Product advantages

    Product advantages

    Vehicle friendly charging, matched BYD/Great Wall/Beiqi/Nanjing Jinlong/Lifan/Volkswagen, most of the whole car factory tests, stable use, no debugging required
Application Scenarios
Provide a sustainable electric vehicle charging solution for all scenarios

To configure

  • Appearance Structure
    Product attributes
    Standard Operating Edition
    Equipment size
    User interface
    4.3 Color display
    Installation method
    Floor mounted
    Routing method
    lower incoming line, lower outgoing line
    Cable length
  • Electrical indicators
    Input voltage
    AC380V± 15%
    input frequency
    Rated power
    Metering accuracy
    Level 1
    Output voltage
    Output current
    Single gun MAX.250A
    Current limiting protection value
    ≥ 110%
    Voltage stabilization accuracy
    ≤& plusmn; 0.5%
    Current stabilization accuracy
    ≤& plusmn; 1%
    Ripple coefficient
    ≤& plusmn; 0.5%
    Highest efficiency
    Power factor
    ≥ 0.99 (above 50% load)
    harmonic content
    ≤ 5% (above 50% load)
  • Function Design
    Display screen, LED indicator
    Networking mode
    Ethernet, 4G
  • Security Design
    Safety standards
    Protection design
    Charging gun temperature detection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, grounding protection, over temperature protection, low temperature protection, lightning protection
  • Environmental Indicators
    Applicable environment
    Operating temperature
    Operating humidity
    5%~95% frost free
    Working altitude
    Degree of protection
    Cooling mode
    forced air cooling
    100000 hours
  • Optional Functions
    Number of charging guns
    □ Single gun □ Double gun
    Auxiliary power supply
    □12V □24V □12V& 24V